Attract Customers

Want to create a strong magnetic field around your business? Here are some ideas on how to ATTRACT customers.

A = Analyze

Analyze reports. Collecting data is an important step before creating and taking action on new ideas and plans. The data you receive will show you past and current patterns and can show you the relationships between different data sets. Creating reports based on your business data will help you to differentiate between theory and evidence; as they say, “it’s all in the numbers.” Reviewing your data helps you to uncover what is working and what is not working in your business.

T = Target

Target the right market. After analyzing your reports you will have a better idea of what your consumers are interested in and who is buying what. This new and useful information from your current business reports may change the audience you are marketing to.

T = Train

Train your employees on the new market and business trends that you have just discovered. Make sure they are up to date on what your consumers’ wants and needs are. Educating your employees is important to keeping them align with new and current company strategies and it will improve their customer service while securing and increasing sales.

R = Recognize

Recognize customer loyalty. Creating customer loyalty programs is a great way to keep loyal customers. So make sure that your loyalty programs are ones that they will appreciate and that are enticing. Recognition can be in the form of cumulative discounts or promotional giveaways and gifts.

A = Ask

Survey your customers and ask them if they are satisfied with your goods and services. Find out their opinion and what they want. Surveys can be tied into your customer loyalty programs. Surveys should be short and simple because most people don’t want to take the time out of their day to fill out a form. Offering a discount or a free gift will encourage them to give you feedback.

C = Connect

Stay connected with your customers via social media and always follow-up on current business. Keeping the lines open builds and maintains awareness. Keep them up to date on your current discounts, giveaways and your products or services.

T = Take

Take action and repeat. Now that you have collected your reports, identified your target market, trained your employees, recognized your loyal customers and asked them for feedback while keeping connected with them you can take action on a new marketing plan. Use all of this useful information to attract more customers. Then repeat. Go through this quarterly or even annually!

How will you attract more customers? What has changed in your business or in your customer buying behavior? What will you do in reaction to those changes?

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