Human resource studies show that employee recognition is the number one motivator for your staff. Showing how much you appreciate them, and rewarding their hardwork with awards, plaques, and other recognition gifts is a great way to increase company morale, endear your staff to you, and show that you appreciate everything that they have worked so hard for.

We have the widest array of high-quality promotional products here at Wolf Regalos and can provide you anything you need, from ribbons to trophies. When buying something that will be displayed proudly on a desk or in your employees’ home, you want something that is both high-quality, and creative.

A Focus on Quality and Creativity

When you think about getting your company some promotional products, remember that they are an investment, not a purchase. You are investing in your company’s future. Motivated and appreciated staff are exactly what your business needs to grow and prosper. So remember that when you make this major investment that you should go with a name you trust. With over 8 years of experience in the gifting sector, Wolf Regalos is a name you can trust when it comes to employee recognition gifts.

  1. employee recognition gifts Quality: End users say quality is the most important factor when selecting promotional products for employee service awards. The award, plaque or other recognition item should have a high perceived value so the recipient will feel appreciated for their accomplishment.
  2. employee recognition gifts Creativity: Creativity is the second most important factor in selecting employee recognition gifts. Instead of showing your appreciation of a job well done by rewarding with a plaque, give them a recognition item they can actually use and show off to others such as watches or jewellery.


Popular Promotional Products for Employee Recognition :

Awards : Promotional awards are commonly used for employee service awards and can be made from a variety of materials depending on your budget such as crystal, glass, marble, bronze, brass, wood and acrylic.

Plaques Plaques are also a very commonly used for employee recognition and also are made from a variety of materials and can be imprint using chemical etching, laser etching or sandblasting.

Medallions: Medallions are affordable and completely customizable to fit your company’s needs.

Ribbons: Ribbons are great for recognizing those who participated but didn’t win the big reward. It lets the recipients know that you didn’t forget about them and their accomplishments are appreciated.

Pins & Cufflinks: Pins and cufflinks are small but can be used to recognize small but important achievements. People like to know they are doing a good job.

Trophies: Promotional trophies for winners of sporting events such as cricket tournaments are a great way to finish the event.

Recognition Items : Recognition doesn’t have to be shown with common gifts. Any item can be given to show recognition for a job well done or even for employee loyalty. Recognition items include blankets and throws, promotional apparel, household items and electronics. Watches and jewelry for example can provide the same feeling of accomplishment as an award or plaque but will be worn and shown by the recipient to others.